Utility Bill Analysis

Utility bills are one of the most powerful tools when analyzing a facility’s energy usage. By simply looking at the annual usage for a few years prior to the upgrade, we can often identify ways to save money before we have even visited the site!

LED Lighting Systems

We typically target the most common energy offender–lighting systems–by offering replacement retrofits, equipment upgrades and control systems to minimize usage while upholding recommended and universally-accepted standards.

  • Lighting Fixture Replacement or Retrofit Kit

  • Lighting Occupancy Controls

  • Day Lighting

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Assisting our customer with the design, installation, and deployment of high-efficiency electric vehicle charger technology with additional access to tax credits to help offset any costs incurred during the projects. Current government programs cover almost 100% of the costs involved with both the equipment and installation of the stations. Inquire more to schedule a project review today! CLICK HERE FOR OUR BROCHURE!

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

  • Trenching, Landscaping, and Asphalt Repair

  • Service and Panel Upgrades and Installation

Approved Make-Ready Program Approved Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation Contractor

Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC Systems)

After gathering a comprehensive understanding of the facility’s energy usage, we will recommend upgrades to your building system while considering ways to improve it without having to replace all existing equipment.

  • HVAC /Boiler/Chiller Systems

  • Implement System Re-Heat Process & Set-Point Controls

  • Repair Damaged or Outdated Duct Work & Zoning Controls

  • Variable Speed Drives for Fans/Motors/Pumps

  • Compressed Air Systems

Building Envelope Improvements

Simple upgrades to your exterior walls can make a huge difference in your total cost of energy. We can help to identify and commission these upgrades which will help you get the most out of your proposed or existing energy system.

  • Insulation Upgrades

  • Window Upgrades

  • Roof Installation – Green Roofs

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Plug Loads

Renewable Energy Systems

Helping clients to install high-efficiency renewable technology helps them save significant costs in the long run. Ask us how to access renewable energy tax credits so you can generate your own renewable energy!

  • Solar PV & Thermal

  • Wind Power

  • Geo-thermal

If you’re ready to begin the energy audit process or if you have any questions about our energy solutions, please contact us at 866-252-3739 today.