Stop Throwing Money Away!

In today’s energy market, many businesses are profiting from energy saving upgrades, but often the upfront capital costs of these measures can delay projects. As a result, Abbott Energy offers 100% project financing.

Our Financing Strategy:

1. Let Abbott Energy Pay for the Energy Efficiency Upgrades – We are so confident in our service we offer to cover the entire cost of our turn-key energy efficiency service upfront at no cost to our customers.

2. Pay for it with Incentives – Let the incentives pay for 30‐70% of the projects and then pay the difference once the project is completed.

3. Increase Efficiency with your Savings – Our turn‐key strategy maximizes your energy upgrade budget by using prior energy savings to pay for future upgrades.

* Financing is available and is subject to credit approval and the terms and conditions of the financing agency. Abbott Energy, Inc. is an approved contractor authorized to perform the work under the financier’s agreement

If you would like to discuss energy efficiency financing or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us at 866-252-3739 today.