About Us

Abbott Energy, Inc. is a well-experienced contractor serving municipal, commercial and industrial clients with engineering design, installation, and implementation of energy-efficient technology. We are master electricians, fully bonded and insured to provide your enterprise with peace of mind during any project.

Our Utility Expertise Covers:

  • LED Interior and Exterior Lighting Systems

  • HVAC Systems and Controls

  • Motor and VSD Drive Upgrades

  • Comprehensive Building Envelope Upgrades

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger Stations

  • Electrical System and Panel Upgrades

  • Underground Trenching and Boring

  • Project Financing & Incentives

  • Utility New Service Connections

  • Boiler System Upgrades

  • Steam Trap System Upgrades

  • Renewable Energy Systems

  • Solar Energy Systems

  • Sports Field Lighting Upgrades

Improving Building Efficiency

The experts at Abbott Energy can commission your entire project – from recommendations to installation – offering replacement retrofits, equipment upgrades and control systems that will minimize your energy usage and save you money on your utility bill! Whether you operate a commercial, industrial, or municipal facility, we can enhance your property with the latest in energy-efficient and renewable technology.

Onsite Energy Generation

Our engineers can aid any project by implementing high efficiency renewable technology or solar energy technology to further alleviate your energy costs and increase profits with power generation. We can help you optimize your structure’s self sufficiency with dynamic utility system design and reliable, low-maintenance products.

Pay For It With Incentives

Whether you are planning a new construction project or retrofitting an existing building, Abbott Energy can manage the entire incentive process that gets you access to key state, federal and utility programs. Don’t miss the opportunity to qualify for special incentive programs that could enhance your cost savings and profitability.

EnergyStar Financing is Available!

If you have any questions about our company or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us at 866-252-3739 today!